Way back in 2018, Jennie, a friend of my daughter’s, came back to New York from Chicago, rocking this leporine tattoo:

I photographed it – it was maybe Jennie’s third or fourth tattoo – and never posted it, but let’s just say I figured I’d let it “age.” Jennie has gone on to fill her arm with some great work, but I thought it was time to give this rabbit it’s due. Check out another one of Jennie’s cool tattoos (also from ’18) here.

Jennie credited the work to a tattoo artist she remembers as “Wolfy.” The four stars recall the flag of Chicago, where Jennie was finishing up school. 

She notes: “The stars are for Chicago, but he thought the actual Chicago flag stars were ugly, so he made them normal stars instead and I was too meek to correct him.” 

And why the rabbit? 

Jennie explains: 

“I got the rabbit because, on my walk at the ass crack of dawn every day, I would see a million rabbits! They’re a leftover product of Chicago’s meatpacking history! I think there are more of them than there are squirrels. 

I think I went [to get the tattoo] on a whim that day. I definitely went with my friend Lily … Wolfy called himself that because he had multiple wolf tattoos [and] kept asking if we were lesbians and then [kept] assuring me there was nothing wrong with that if we were … he had a very strong Chicago accent.”